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R Intelligent System (RIS) is a high-tech company with laser applications, scheme design and equipment fabrication as its core.  RIS services manufacturing industries, includes semiconductor packaging, display panel, FPC, new energy, etc.  The applications include laser cutting, drilling, engraving, marking and surface processing, such as marking of IC chips, cutting and welding of power battery components, precision marking of display panel, and micro machining of brittle materials (glass/quartz/Sapphire/ceramics, etc.).


The company has mastered the laser processing processes in advanced IC packaging, from the stage of process development, testing, equipment specification formulation, scheme design and equipment fabrication, to the mass production of the equipment.  Its excellent services have been recognized by internationally renowned manufacturers of consumer electronics and become theone of the key suppliers in their System-in-Package (SIP) module production line.


RIS acts as the agent of advanced precision laser processing equipment, maskless laser direct imaging exposure (LDI) machines and other high-end equipment at home and abroad, and provides related technical services in process development, training, maintenance and other aspects.


RIS was awarded 2018' Leader of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Wuzhong District, 2019' Leader of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Suzhou, and qualified as National High-Tech Enterprise in 2019.


The Micron-Level High-Precision Laser Micro Processing Equipment for SIP, developed by RIS, was supported by Advanced Manufacturing Industrialization Grant Program of Suzhou government.


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  • Adress:1F, Southeast of Building 1, 38 Beiguandu Road
    Suzhou 215104, PR China
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