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Five thoughts on the future development of electric vehicles

turnover time :2020-06-18 10:18:07
First, the human automobile industry is facing the most profound change in more than 100 years. Today, major countries and major automobile enterprises pay so much attention to electric vehicles, not because traditional energy has been exhausted, but because electric vehicles have a strong trend, which can better connect with future social progress and social development. At present, the industry focuses on battery, motor, electronic control and other efforts to ensure good driving performance, which is only a prelude. After that, the more wonderful drama is the electric vehicle. With its low-carbon, informatization and intelligence, the organic integration of distributed energy, smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart city, and sharing economy, which is a better realm. In order to realize the bright future, we can't regard the electric vehicle as an island. We must consider its positioning and development in the future travel scene.
Second, the change of urban transportation ecology is directly related to the change of automobile technology. Intelligent and sharing will change the original travel ecology. Transportation is not only a means of transportation, but also a carrier to provide diversified services. The vertical integration of automobile industry chain will be broken, and the deep entry of many industries and service industries will form a flat and reticular travel ecology. With the maturity of intelligent Internet connected vehicles, car sharing intelligent travel service will continuously improve the traffic efficiency and people's travel experience.
Third, electric vehicle is a high-tech, high-value energy consumption product with a wide range of applications and a huge market scale. It can absorb the information, digital, network, intelligent, as well as new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment in a wide range and a huge number, which is difficult to compare with any other industry, which makes electric vehicles become an important force to promote the upgrading of economic and technological system structure. In the third industrial revolution, electric vehicles are the pillar leading products, the core carrier and platform of industrial integration and innovation, which are leading to systematic changes in many industries.
Fourth, the situation is developing faster than many people expected. From the national perspective, we should make unified planning, advance deployment, and start up, guide the technological development and infrastructure construction of electric vehicles and distributed energy, smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart city and 5G communication, and coordinate development as early as possible, and promote the "electric vehicle + Internet plus traffic" to obtain in stages, improve the transport efficiency and reduce the logistics cost. To ensure the social benefits of traffic safety.
Fifthly, it is impossible to achieve the above beautiful situation only by automobile enterprises or a certain department or industry. It needs a variety of forms of cross sectoral, cross industry and interdisciplinary communication and discussion to form a consensus. It needs to break through barriers and make collaborative innovation. We can draw such a judgment: we are facing a reform of industrial integration and innovation. The automobile industry has been closely related to the changes in energy, transportation, information communication, intelligent manufacturing, and even the whole society. Cross border cooperation will become the new normal, and integration and innovation will become the future.

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