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High speed laser cladding technology: accelerating Green Remanufacturing

turnover time :2020-06-18 10:16:31
High speed laser cladding technology is suitable for parts that need to be improved in power, aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry, automobile manufacturing industry. According to the working condition requirements of the workpiece, metal or nonmetal with various design components are clad to prepare the surface coating with heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance or optical, electrical and magnetic properties.
In the past two years, a large number of turbine rotating equipment (units) have been repaired and transformed for nearly 95% of China's steel enterprises, such as Baosteel, Angang, Benxi Steel, Shougang, WISCO, Tanggang, TISCO, Panzhihua Iron and steel, Baotou Steel, etc., by adopting high and new technologies such as reengineering application engineering technology, laser cladding technology and rapid prototyping technology.
1. Power equipment
Iron and steel enterprises have various specifications of imported and domestic turbine power equipment. In the pillar industries of national economy, turbine rotating equipment (unit) is the carrier to provide energy and power. High speed laser cladding technology not only meets the requirements of specific properties of the material surface, but also saves a lot of valuable elements. These key equipment and parts repair and recycling application, and make remanufacturing engineering technology has been developed.
2. High load, high speed, high precision, high alloy parts
According to the preliminary estimation, the consumption of important parts and components on various steel rolling production lines in China's iron and steel industry reaches 10 billion yuan per year. The traditional method is mainly to replace these equipment parts, even because the parts can not be used, scrap or replace the whole machine, a large number of spare parts must be reserved, occupying a huge amount of funds and resources.
It is a new way for laser cladding of parts and components. It can not only bring the invalid or scrapped equipment and parts back to life, but also extend the service life of new products, and even achieve the effect of multiple life cycles.
3. Large die for automobile panel

In the automobile industry, automobile covering parts such as cab, hood and other parts are formed by stamping, and mechanical stamping has great wear and damage to the die. Once the die is worn, the quality of the product will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new mold, which will cause a lot of waste and consumption of the mold. High speed laser cladding technology is an important way and method for the enterprise to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.
4. Mining machinery parts
A layer of high-performance coating with high hardness, no crack and metallurgical bonding with the substrate is formed on the surface of cheap metal materials by high-speed laser cladding excitation technology. Combining the good toughness of metal with the high hardness, high chemical stability and high wear resistance of coating materials, the production process of high-performance coating is innovated. For example, compared with ordinary pick, the service life of laser cladding pick is 3-4 times longer. It can reduce the pick replacement and maintenance time, improve production efficiency, and save a lot of money at the same time.

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